Journeying with the Plant Kingdom: Returning to the Essence for Personal and Entrepreneurial Growth

In our quest for personal and professional growth, it is crucial to reconnect with the essence, to see clearly, and to be honest with ourselves. A profound and authentic way to achieve this is by journeying with the plant kingdom. Plants, through their very essence, bring us back to our own Essence, without detours or […]

The next step of your evolution with the Akashic Records

Have you already done a lot of personal and spiritual work? Here are 3 reasons why working with the Akashic Records will truly take you to the next level:   It’s not just another tool When you access the Akashic Records, you access the vibration of Truth. You are clearly highlighting the possibilities of clearing […]

The Energy of 2023

With the energy of this new year, we are going to be invited – personally and collectively – to explore the areas in which we still have gray areas, inconsistencies or illusions that cut us off from our alignment. 2023 is also a year centered on the theme of embodied spirituality. Not a spirituality reserved […]

Essential Oils and the Akashic Records

Essential oils are powerful allies to accompany any work of transformation and holistic healing. Here is a selection of doTERRA essential oils and blends that I use regularly to support work in the Akashic Records: Frankincense: grounding and connection to Source, regeneration Balance blend: grounding, inner calm, confidence On Guard blend: strengthening the physical and […]

Resistance: identify it in yourself and your clients

While talking with a client who is about to move from a model of one-on-one sessions to longer-term support, we discussed the notion of commitment. His own, but especially that of his potential customers. Going to see a therapist for single sessions, even if you go back 10 times, does not require the same energy […]

Freedom requires you to know yourself

“But how did you come to integrate all of these tools and understandings?” This is the question that a client asked me this morning. Her question brought me back to this thirst for understanding of individual functioning and deep identity (who I am on a Soul level, what did I come to contribute in this […]