Resistance: identify it in yourself and your clients

While talking with a client who is about to move from a model of one-on-one sessions to longer-term support, we discussed the notion of commitment.

His own, but especially that of his potential customers. Going to see a therapist for single sessions, even if you go back 10 times, does not require the same energy as choosing to commit to 10 sessions, for example.

When we choose a formula of this type, we enter an energetic container (whose solidity and power depend in part on the therapist, coach or other accompanying person).

Consciously or not, resistance can arise, depending on the beliefs, experiences and other memories that one may have around the notion of commitment:

  • how often in the past have you broken commitments to yourself?
  • does the notion of commitment rhyme for oneself with confinement?
  • is there a fear of failure (or success) that may sabotage us?

Resistance to commitment can come before the accompaniment begins, with objections related to the price, for example (it’s never really about the money, the money simply crystallizes many illusions and conditionings ).

She also often points the tip of her nose during the accompaniment, often after a few sessions, when we begin to touch the root of the problem. The client can then become passive and stop taking action between sessions, deny the progress already made, doubt his ability to continue…

For the coach or energy healer, it is essential to be aware of this phenomenon, in order to be able to identify the resistance if it appears and to accompany the person in an adequate way, without entering into their limiting modes of functioning.

As a guide, this therefore requires having done some inner work on one’s own relationship to the notion of commitment, having a strong enough energy so that the client feels safe during this passage and understanding what is being played, without getting caught up in the game.

This is one of the reasons why, in the Soul Journeys® Akashic Records certification training, we explore in depth the notions of resistance, mirror effects, as well as transferences and countertransferences (the relationships that can replay unconsciously). Thus, beyond acquiring the necessary skills to accompany other people in their Akashic Records and to make sure to do their own inner work, the participants come out with the tools and the experience necessary to accompany their clients. with a high level of integrity and efficiency.

Regardless of the number of years of prior experience of the participants with other support methods, it is always one of the highlights of the training, from which they leave with a much more in-depth understanding of their modes of operation and from that of their customers.

If you are ready to go this far in your own transformation and in your quality of support, I invite you to join the next training session which begins soon. Details, testimonials and registration at 

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