The Energy of 2023

With the energy of this new year, we are going to be invited – personally and collectively – to explore the areas in which we still have gray areas, inconsistencies or illusions that cut us off from our alignment.

2023 is also a year centered on the theme of embodied spirituality. Not a spirituality reserved for moments of meditation or devotion, but a spirituality integrated into every moment of our lives, even the most “basic”. It is an invitation to recognize and live the deep meaning of our incarnation on Earth: these divine beings that we are, who have chosen this incarnation, not to cut us off from our true nature, but to incarnate it in matter. .

These two themes – alignment and embodied spirituality – therefore invite us to come back to our center, through the heart and not the ego, and to observe honestly the areas of our life in which we do not live in alignment with our Truth and with Divine Laws. Is it in our relationship to others, in our commitment to the world, in our relationship to abundance, in our relationship with our physical body, in our definition of spirituality…?

We are invited to observe and take action, in order to return to alignment, wherever we have a grip on things.

I will conclude this introduction to the energy of 2023 with a message I received from the Akasha: “Change is already underway in your world. The vibration of the Earth is changing rapidly. You can choose to take part into this transformation or not, it is your free will. The invitations will come to you again and again, until you are ready (in this incarnation or another). There is never pressure, only possibilities, the ultimate goal of which is to bring you back to your true nature.”

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