Problems vs possibilities

The world of personal development has taught us to identify our difficulties, our blockages, our weaknesses and to find a way to overcome them. We thus enter the process of transformation from the postulate that something is wrong with us or that this path must start from a specific need for change. The blockages and imprints that hold us back are real, there is no denying it, and profound transformations are made possible when we release them.

That said, like the difference between the energy of lack and that of abundance, we can choose to approach our evolutionary path by asking ourselves the question of what we can create new, different. , larger, joyful, expansive…? Starting from this energy, we get out of the need to understand everything with the mind (why did I create this, where did it come from…?) and we open ourselves to pass more quickly to the next step, which is to explore what becomes possible for us when we allow ourselves to no longer be defined by our “limitations”.

What would change for you if, instead of waiting to have identified a “problem” to work with a therapist, an energy specialist or a coach, for example, you embarked on this process to discover what are the possibilities that are there for you, what can you co-create with this person, for yourself, your business, the world…?

Whether it’s Akashic Records certification training, Frequency Sessions, or Aligned Expansion long-term coaching, we’re bound to identify and release what’s holding you back. But, at the heart of the work we do together, there is always this intention to reconnect you to your potential, to the infinite possibilities available to you and to the next stage of the embodiment of what is unique about you. to contribute to the world.

It’s time for you to explore the field of possibilities. And I’ll be honored to be your guide.

Registrations are open for the next Akashic Records training session and I also have 3 places available for individual support. If you feel this is for you, contact me so that we can discuss the best formula for you.

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