Make your vitality your priority

Since the beginning of the year, several entrepreneurs have come to see me daring to assume the fact that they need support to take care of themselves, and not to develop their business. Like many people, they are feeling the aftereffects of the roller coaster of 2022 and all the stress of the past few […]

Problems vs possibilities

The world of personal development has taught us to identify our difficulties, our blockages, our weaknesses and to find a way to overcome them. We thus enter the process of transformation from the postulate that something is wrong with us or that this path must start from a specific need for change. The blockages and […]

Integrity in the coaching and holistic support business

It’s not going to please everyone, but we have to set the record straight 😉 The world of coaching and holistic support has changed a lot over the past 2 years. More and more people have embarked on different types of support, have created their own business… and in principle, it’s great! Create a business […]