With their powerful yet gentle energy, plants awaken and activate our inner desire to live more consciously and to keep evolving. Thanks to their Essential Oils, they reconnect us to our Essence – through theirs.

For the last fifteen or so years, I have been feeling their presence in my life. The messages you will find in these cards and this booklet have been gifted to me by the Plant Realm in the aim of accompanying people who are in the process of awakening and to help them with their evolution.

Consisting of 33 beautifully illustrated cards and an explanatory booklet, this personal evolution box set offers practical guidance and ways to use the corresponding essential oils to help you embody the messages.

This card deck has been created by Mélanie Sylla, holistic aromatherapist and messenger of the Plant Realm, in the aim of guiding you to reconnect with who you are deep down and to incarnate it daily, in flesh, in order to fully take your place.

The illustrations have been made by the talented Lucie Fiore.

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About the author

Mélanie Sylla is a holistic aromatherapist and messenger of the Plant Realm. For the last twenty-odd years, she has been using essential oils on a daily basis, for her own evolution and to accompany her clients on physical, emotional and energetic levels.

Illuminator of potential, Mélanie accompanies committed Light Bearers who are on their evolutionary paths to reconnect with who they are deep down and to incarnate it in their day to day lives, in the flesh, in order to create an aligned, joyous and bright existence. She firmly believes that creating a life which is rooted and aligned with one’s sacred identity represents the key to attaining a fulfilling and abundant life.

Her holistic approach, which takes into account the different facets of living beings (physical, emotional, mental and energetic) is evident in her work method and in her professional career. Therefore, after training in holistic aromatherapy, she chose to broaden her knowledge in terms of physiology, pathology, and natural approaches to physical health by training to become a naturopath. She then went on to study the effects of nutrition on health at all levels, thanks to a holistic nutrition course for coaches. Simultaneously, wanting to dig deeper into the subtleties of Beings, she participated in various courses related to energetic work, including the Akashic Records, which were a true revelation for her. She then went on to become a certified Akashic Records consultant and teacher.

Her encounter with essential oils also lead her to develop a special connection with the Plant Realm and she created her own holistic method, which stems from the unique synergy of these different approaches.

Her passion is to transmit tools which enable people to reach a level of alignment, vitality and superior well-being, in order to create the conditions necessary to wholeheartedly make their – unique – contribution to the World.