You are ENERGY, first and foremost!

It’s time to create as energy, not as beings

Your Energy is everything. We are energetic beings living in this world. We have had this belief that we are more matter than energy. But the Truth is that we are more Energy than anything else.

Your Energy is felt by everyone, and you also create through this energy and transmit the very energy that you be. Everything in this world has shifted. We need to catch up and begin to create as energy, not as beings.

Energy is at the epicenter of everything that we be. We are here, there and everywhere. Now, let’s act accordingly!

It’s time to remember the truth of who you BE.
We are one, and energetically we get to vibrate so high!

This is why I was guided to create the Frequency Session : a full energetic transmission and a total upgrade to plug you into the 5D awareness of who you be.

You’ll receive what you need to align to the highest version that you be, fully embody it and reconnect with the memory of who you are at Soul level. You will become an energetic transmitter in your own unique way.

So many things can happen during a Frequency Session:

  • activation of symbols
  • transmission of Light languages
  • transmission of precise information about your Soul’s mission and how to embody it in the here and now
  • activation of your Akashic Ascension Codes
  • clearing of limiting programs, beliefs and illusions stored in your physical and energetic bodies
  • integration of new potentials…

You will be deeply transformed and regenerated at all levels.

When booking your session, you’ll be invited to fill out a form to allow you to get clear on your intention for this session (be bold, the more powerful your intention, the more powerful your transformation!). The information you share with me will also allow me to connect with your energy and receive downloads for you while preparing for your session.

The session lasts 90 minutes and takes place on Zoom.

Your investment: 555 CHF (about 600 USD)