Journeying with the Plant Kingdom: Returning to the Essence for Personal and Entrepreneurial Growth

In our quest for personal and professional growth, it is crucial to reconnect with the essence, to see clearly, and to be honest with ourselves. A profound and authentic way to achieve this is by journeying with the plant kingdom. Plants, through their very essence, bring us back to our own Essence, without detours or […]

The power of hydrosols in energetic aromatherapy

Yesterday, in module 3 of the Essential Evolution training, I presented the different modes of use in vibrational aromatherapy. In addition to the various ways of using essential oils, I have talked about hydrosols. These “little brothers” of essential oils are too often forgotten, and yet what riches they offer us! Hydrolats (also sometimes called […]

Cardamom: from the heart to the body

Cardamom essential oil is very subtle and has a profound effect on both the respiratory sphere and the digestive sphere, at all levels. It is an essential oil that transmits joy and lightness. It calms anger and frustration, helping to express emotions more calmly. It also allows you to become aware of your mental patterns […]

Lemongrass essential oil, energy purifier and protector

Often confused with lemongrass, lemongrass essential oil can be used to enhance a dish as well as to energize or cleanse stagnant energies in a room. On a physical level, lemongrass essential oil has a tonic effect on the whole body and promotes good digestion. Its fragrance repels insects and brings a feeling of freshness […]

The day I’ll never forget

I will never forget the moment I smelled an essential oil for the first time. Its fragrance, its power, its vibration resonated in my whole being. An ancestral connection was reawakened in me, which has only grown stronger ever since. That was over 20 years ago. Since then, I have trained in aromatherapy, both with […]

Essential Oils and the Akashic Records

Essential oils are powerful allies to accompany any work of transformation and holistic healing. Here is a selection of doTERRA essential oils and blends that I use regularly to support work in the Akashic Records: Frankincense: grounding and connection to Source, regeneration Balance blend: grounding, inner calm, confidence On Guard blend: strengthening the physical and […]