Problems vs possibilities

The world of personal development has taught us to identify our difficulties, our blockages, our weaknesses and to find a way to overcome them. We thus enter the process of transformation from the postulate that something is wrong with us or that this path must start from a specific need for change. The blockages and […]

How much power do you give to your fears?

In sessions with clients or during informal exchanges, the notion of fear comes up very often, both for experienced entrepreneurs and for beginners. Fear of others’ judgment, fear of making mistakes, fear of not succeeding, fear of running out of time, fear of not knowing how to “protect” yourself, fear of not knowing how to […]

Essential Oils and the Akashic Records

Essential oils are powerful allies to accompany any work of transformation and holistic healing. Here is a selection of doTERRA essential oils and blends that I use regularly to support work in the Akashic Records: Frankincense: grounding and connection to Source, regeneration Balance blend: grounding, inner calm, confidence On Guard blend: strengthening the physical and […]

Integrity in the coaching and holistic support business

It’s not going to please everyone, but we have to set the record straight 😉 The world of coaching and holistic support has changed a lot over the past 2 years. More and more people have embarked on different types of support, have created their own business… and in principle, it’s great! Create a business […]

Chinese Medicine and Conscious Business

Why am I asking you questions about the quality of your digestion or that of your skin, the pain you may have, your sleep, the health of your eyes or your childhood memories, when you come to see me to grow your business and further your own evolution? We can’t say it enough, we are […]

Resistance: identify it in yourself and your clients

While talking with a client who is about to move from a model of one-on-one sessions to longer-term support, we discussed the notion of commitment. His own, but especially that of his potential customers. Going to see a therapist for single sessions, even if you go back 10 times, does not require the same energy […]

Freedom requires you to know yourself

“But how did you come to integrate all of these tools and understandings?” This is the question that a client asked me this morning. Her question brought me back to this thirst for understanding of individual functioning and deep identity (who I am on a Soul level, what did I come to contribute in this […]