The top 5 Healy programs to support inner transformation


Healy is a very versatile portable device, which uses microcurrent programs at individualized frequencies (IMF) for the harmonization of your bio-energetic field in many areas of life.

Whether for myself or for my clients, I use it to accompany inner transformation work, whether after an Akashic session, to support integration following the transformation of limiting patterns or to activate a new vibrational level.

Here are the top 5 most powerful programs to support inner transformation work:

  1. Release
    This program is part of the Golden Cycles and is a powerful support for any work of releasing limiting thoughts or patterns, energy blockages or other memories that no longer serve our evolution.
  2. Deep cleaning
    This program is part of the Deep Cycles and, as its name suggests, accompanies a deep and multidimensional cleansing of what no longer serves us, of what limits us.
  3. Being
    Another Golden Cycles program, Being helps us realign all of our bodies and integrate the wisdom of body and soul.
  4. Activation
    This program is part of the Work family. It represents a powerful ally to integrate and activate in us new frequencies, realities or beliefs, which are at the service of our expansion.
  5. Coherence
    This program is part of the Bioenergetic Assistance family and includes 214 frequencies from a universal frequency pattern that provides the basis for all life. This program harmonizes our whole being and amplifies the electromagnetic fields of the heart.

As a bonus: the chakra programs

These seven programs have been developed to harmonize each of the seven main chakras. They can therefore be used independently depending on the energy center on which one wants to focus.

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