The power of hydrosols in energetic aromatherapy

Yesterday, in module 3 of the Essential Evolution training, I presented the different modes of use in vibrational aromatherapy. In addition to the various ways of using essential oils, I have talked about hydrosols. These “little brothers” of essential oils are too often forgotten, and yet what riches they offer us!

Hydrolats (also sometimes called floral waters) represent the aqueous phase resulting from the plant distillation process. They, therefore, also carry the vibratory signature of the distilled plant and bring us effects that are both very gentle and powerful. They can be consumed in water, in order to benefit from their properties and to very simply create a deeply hydrating drink.

If there is one to invite into your life at the start of Spring, it is rosemary verbenone, which supports the liver, releases anger and accumulated frustrations (the ideal companion for Generators and Generators-Manifestors in Human Design !!) and balances the Wood element, in order to help you create fertile conditions for your development and the realization of your desires.
You could even combine it with lemon verbena hydrosol, to initiate changes in calm and joy, while ensuring that your choices are viable in the long term.

A teaspoon of each in a glass of water morning and evening for 40 days, to drink consciously. Without forgetting to take the aligned and inspired actions that will allow you to co-create the (even more) creative and deeply nourishing life you aspire to 🙂

And if you want more personalized advice, I have opened up a few slots for Plant Wisdom consultations, during which you receive an energy treatment with plant energy and a personalized essential oil synergy that I create especially for you according to your needs. your needs and intention at the time. When booking your session, you will be asked to answer a short questionnaire in order to specify your intention for the session.
The session takes place via Zoom (videoconference), then the synergy will be sent to you by post.

You can book your session here.

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