Integrity in the coaching and holistic support business

It’s not going to please everyone, but we have to set the record straight 😉

The world of coaching and holistic support has changed a lot over the past 2 years. More and more people have embarked on different types of support, have created their own business… and in principle, it’s great! Create a business that makes sense, do an activity that suits us 100%, become more free and independent, yes!

But not by lying (to self or others) or to the detriment of customers!!

A coach, guide, energy worker… is there to support and accompany people who are ready to take responsibility for their own development. Not to do the work for them or to dangle results that they cannot guarantee.

On this subject: as a guide, it is not our role to promise results, because it does not depend only on us. Our commitment is to guarantee our skills, to ensure that we can give the best of ourselves to our customers (lifestyle, energy hygiene, etc.) and to be honest with them about the role they must play.

Accompanying a person on their journey of transformation requires real experience and skills. It can’t be improvised. You have to be able to understand what is at stake in the accompanying-accompanied relationship, know how to accompany the release of emotions and energies, be able to offer a solid energy container in which the person does not feel supported and safe…

All this cannot be improvised. And incompetence in this area is dangerous.

Just as it is dangerous and unacceptable to hold out results without the person understanding their responsibility in the transformation process. We all sometimes want someone to come with a magic wand to fix everything without having to lift a finger.

The archetype of the child who waits for his mother to save them and do it for them is well anchored in the collective. But if we really want to experience a transformation – on a personal and collective level – we must return to our sovereignty and our responsibility!

And it is also the role of the coach, the guide, the energy worker to help their clients come back to that. Otherwise, we create dependency among our clients and we only feed the old paradigm (fear, lack, influence, control, etc.).

Phew, that was a little long, but the energy of Truth is strong this week, and I had to say it!

So, to conclude:

  • if you do coaching, be 100% honest with yourself and ask yourself where you might be out of integrity.
  • if you are getting or looking to get support, ask yourself how ready you are to take responsibility for your own transformation and if the person you want to work with has integrity.
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